"The California BEAR"


Jeffrey Burum for Congress is a political grass roots campaign that believes all citizens are created equal and deserve an equal opportunity to “pursue life, liberty and happiness” as stated in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. 


Make CA RED AGAIN!​​​​​


    • Abide by the Constitution of the United States - The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land and must be adhered to without exception at all levels of government. This includes the Bill of Rights and other Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and their provisions designed to protect states’ rights and individual liberties.

    • Reduce the Overall Size of Government - A bloated bureaucracy creates wasteful spending that plagues our government. Reducing the overall size, scope and reach of government at both local and national levels will help to eliminate inefficiencies that result in deficit spending which adds to our country’s debt.

    • Eliminate the National Debt - By implementing fiscally conservative policies at all levels of government, progress can be made toward eliminating the U.S. National Debt. Massive increases in the National Debt have created and continue to create a huge burden for the next generation of Americans, thus imperiling the country’s short-term and long-term economic health and prosperity.

    • Eliminate Deficit Spending - All deficit spending must be eliminated immediately. We insist that government representatives at all levels maintain a fiscally responsible budget and balance the books as would be expected of any American business or household.

    • Protect Free Markets - America’s free enterprise system allows businesses to thrive as they compete in the open marketplace and strive toward ever better services and products. Allowing free markets to prosper unfettered by government interference is what propelled this country to greatness with an enduring belief in the industriousness and innovations of the populace.

    • Eliminate Excessive Taxes - Excessively high taxes are a burden for those exercising their personal liberty to work hard and prosper as afforded by the Constitution. A fiscally responsible government protects the freedom of its citizens to enjoy the fruits of their own labor without interference from a government that has exceeded its necessary size, scope and reach into the lives of its citizens.

    • Energy Independence – Excessive regulations have harmed American jobs and energy production.  Clean Power Plan could cost up to $39 billion a year and increase electricity prices in 41 States by at least ten percent, according to NERA Economic Consulting.  Reducing regulations and increasing production will decrease the American trade deficit and reduce dependence upon the Middle East

    • Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

    • Repeal Obamacare

    • The key to keeping America safe in an increasingly dangerous world is to “Make America Great Again” through economic renewal. America must have the fiscal firepower to end the Pentagon’s budget sequestration in order to fund the military the U.S. properly. Cutting the corporate tax rate and cracking down on unfair trade practices to increase America’s GDP growth rate are just as influential as military production.  

    • Defeat ISIS Abroad While Maintaining Border Security

    • Overturning the Iran Deal and Strengthening Iraq and Afghanistan

    • Sharing the Burden of Defense with NATO

    • Taking Care of our Veterans through Veteran Affairs (VA) Emphasis on Privatization of Care

    • Family – The cornerstone of society, or values promoted include:
    • Importance of prayer, truth and humility, emphasis on hard-work/personal character, personal responsibility/self-reliance, and charity

    • Promote Civic Responsibility - Citizen involvement at the grassroots level allows the voice of the American people to be heard and directs the political behaviors of our representatives at both the local and national level so they, in turn, may be most effective in working to preserve the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of this country’s citizens.

    • The strength and resilience of a grassroots movement is the ability of citizens at the local level to determine their own platforms, agendas and priorities free of an overriding central leadership. Its nature involves discourse about which policies and candidates best hold to our stated principles, and these various opinions should flourish and evolve at the local level.

Make CA RED AGAIN!​​​​​