"The California BEAR"



United States Air Force Academy Graduate, Jeffrey Burum, being awarded his diploma by President Reagan (1984)

Why am I the “Cali Bear”? Because it’s big, bold, strong, magnificent and free like the America I used to know and love, it’s like our state, it’s like our community, it’s like our families, and it’s just like you!  But, it needs freedom, liberty, everything the Constitution and God provide for you! - Not the government.


My Background

  • Veteran - Disabled/Retired USAF Major
    • US Air Force Academy Graduate
    • Cold War
      • Minuteman 3 Missile Combat Crew
    • Gulf War
      • Operation Desert Storm
      • Southern Watch/Provide Comfort II
    • Chief of Financial Management at USAF Academy
  • Business Owner
    • Retired CPA
    • Investment Advisor Representative
  • Educator
    • Assistant Professor of Military Art and Science at USAFA
    • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Accounting and Income Tax